Download Your Digital Files

If you have had a photo shoot that includes digital downloads, you will be able to go to your gallery and download them anytime.

You will have received a link and a password, which you will need to view the photos.

Go to the link you were sent and you will be asked for your password.

Enter your password.

Now you will be able to see your photos (example shown).

Click any image and it will open along with download and print options.

By default, the print options are visible. To view the Digital Downloads option, click on the heading ‘DIGITAL DOWNLOADS’ and the print options will close.

To add the currently viewed photo to your download cart, enter the number 1 in the Quantity box (we’re working on making this automatic but for now this is the procedure).

Then click (or tap) on ‘UPDATE CART’.

That photo is now in your cart.

You can now view more photos and continue selecting the ones to download and add them to your cart and then access your cart by clicking the ‘VIEW CART / CHECKOUT’ button.

Now you will see which photos you’ve added to your cart.

As you are only downloading your included digital files, you will not be entering any payment details so click on the ‘Free checkout’ button.

You will be asked for your name and email address. These details are not sent anywhere but me and are used simply to identify this order.

Then click ‘Place order’ and you will see (again) the list of photos along with a link to download (look for the ‘You may download your digital products here’ text.